Leadership Team

Jim Haleblian - Managing Director

JD Pflugrath - Managing Director

Joseph Folk - Managing Director

One of the Pieces Jim Haleblian
Jim is the founder and visionary of Algoloma and has been a practitioner and a leader in high-technology for over twenty-five years. His considerable experience in firms from small high-tech startups to the telecommunications carriers and in markets such as media, computer learning. healthcare, banking, and telecommunications place him in a unique position in the high-tech marketplace to provide solutions across a wide array of organizations.

He has consulted for almost a decade in the areas of multimedia, internet technology, IT, workflow management, systems architecture, virtualization, software development and web development for many firms in the US and abroad. He has also managed development and quality assurance facilities both in the United States and in India and served as a vice-president of development and operations for a computer-based learning company. He has designed, developed, and deployed software and hardware solutions for one to 80,000 users and managed development teams producing software edutainment titles for consumer release. Early in his career, he was a member of the team that developed the multimedia bid presentation that helped bring the Olympics to Atlanta in 1996.

Jim holds Bachelor's degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology both in Electrical Engineering and in Computer Science. He also holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a member of the IEEE and the ACM.

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One of the PiecesJD Pflugrath
With over 20 years in the industry, JD has been instrumental in project success across a wide range of software, hardware and architecture projects. Most recently he was part of the Solutions Design team at a large telecommunications firm. During more than eight years, he gained experience in a wide range of solutions and team management by estimating, designing and deploying over 180 projects with team members from other organizations, partners and vendors. His technical skills include high availability systems, infrastructure, virtualization, network, storage and security architectures for when your application can't go down.

Earlier in his career, he was an architect in publishing systems and developed a cross platform document management system as part of the EDP Team for the NASA Mission Control Center Upgrade at NASA JSC and other control centers, worldwide. The team replaced the entire Space Shuttle and Space station control centers world-wide with COTS hardware and custom software. This was vastly different than the CMMI certified Level 5 software development team writing Guidance, Navigation & Control Software for the Space Shuttle (rocket scientist) where he learned continuous process improvement techniques through statistical analysis and critical software development and testing techniques for "man-rated" software.

Across his career, JD has worked in or lead teams ranging from one to fifteen developers to highly complex 500+ person teams. He’s added just the right amount of process to optimize quality, reduce rework, and ensure reproducible outcomes, but not so much as to let the process become the job. JD holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

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One of the PiecesJoseph Folk
Joe Folk, CISSP, has enjoyed a multifaceted career in the IT industry for nearly twenty years. His most recent position as a Senior Enterprise Solution Designer at a large telecommunications carrier allowed him to work with the corporation’s internal business units, technical teams, as well as external vendors to produce and oversee the implementation of over 100 project designs for everything from single virtual hosts on VMware frames to 80-server Unix application server environments with full Disaster Recovery, High Availability, and failover redundancy to support the highest levels of business continuity.

Previous to that position, he built and led the company’s internal Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) which was responsible for the enterprise-wide response to computer incidents ranging from attacks from internal employees, external attackers, worms, viruses and e-mail exploits. The team was also responsible for overseeing quarterly CERT drills, driving employee training, and assisting with maintaining the patch levels of all servers and workstations including OS and third-party application patches. His team also identified or removed hundreds of rogue servers connected to the corporate network and was an integral component to the maintainance of the corporation’s standing as part of the U.S. Government’s National Critical Infrastructure.

Prior to his CERT work, Joe designed, built, and ran the IT Security Department at the organization’s Internet Operations Center. This entity housed all of the Internet-facing corporate web servers, application servers, database servers, load-balancers, e-mail infrastructure, proxy infrastructure, external DNS, firewalls, IDS and IPS infrastructure, and business-to-business virtual private networks.  His environment design was composed of hundreds of Windows and Unix servers protected by a defense-in-depth strategy of multiple DMZs off HA-redundant firewalls, ACL and VLAN segmented zones, and IDS and IPS alerting to a central NOC helpdesk. All systems that the organization brought online required the in-depth involvement of his Security Team with system integration. Also, his team was an integral part of the corporate Sarbanes-Oxley compliance team which ensured that the policies and procedures created for the day-to-day management of the group met internal and external audits as SOX controls.

Joe is certified as a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), holds an ITIL Foundation certification, has obtained CCSA and CCSE certification on Checkpoint Security products, and has a BS in Computer Engineering with a Minor in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University.

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