Business Services

Algoloma provides customers with world class expertise surrounding many of the complex business issues affecting companies today:

IT Services

Algoloma has professional resources with in-depth expertise with all areas of IT architecture. Our consultants have experience across all vertical industry markets and have designed and implemented projects for small to extremely large enterprises. The IT Services we offer include technical analysis, strategy, management, design, and implementation expertise across various areas

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Vendor Selection Services

With the amount of technology hitting the marketplace businesses have a number of decisions to make as it pertains to their technology needs. Choosing a vendor that has the right products for your infrastructure is critical if you want to achieve success from your technology investments. Algoloma can provide the critical skills necessary to setup, evaluate and assess software, hardware and managed service vendors for proposals and selection criteria. In addition, the evaluation of a company’s telecom managed service expense can uncover areas that could immediately capitalize on incorrect charges.