Plan. Implement. Control.

If your company needs to streamline existing systems, integrate disparate workflows, create tighter integration between business units, improve your vendor management, and bring your customer relationship management to a new level – we're here to help. At Algoloma, we have practice experts who can help you create, reengineer, and assess your processes and implement the systems you need to be able to monitor and control your company's growth – and realize new efficiencies to increase your bottom line. Our experts can help you in the areas of:

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Document Management

Regardless of the size of your company, you have documents. It isn't sexy and it isn't easily traced back to profitability, but it is necessary. More and more documents are being created every day and being placed on PCs and servers throughout your company. Can you find a document created by someone else in your organization when you need it?

Are you properly managing the life cycle for each document? Do you have a retention policy that can be followed by your entire team? Do you need to be more compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 or HIPAA or European Commission e-Domec document management regulations?

Document management is more than just documents, it includes migration and management of all content in any media that your company creates whether manually created or by automation. It could be radiological scans or trading orders or customer bills or work flow documents. Let Algoloma Systems DMS/ECM practice experts work with you to set policies that rule content creation, archiving, security, distribution, disposal, destruction and/or long term preservation for future accessibility.