Plan. Implement. Control.

If your company needs to streamline existing systems, integrate disparate workflows, create tighter integration between business units, improve your vendor management, and bring your customer relationship management to a new level – we're here to help. At Algoloma, we have practice experts who can help you create, reengineer, and assess your processes and implement the systems you need to be able to monitor and control your company's growth – and realize new efficiencies to increase your bottom line. Our experts can help you in the areas of:

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Enterprise Resource Planning

The dream – one system.

To consolidate all of your organization's customer management, employee management, financial data, manufacturing systems, vendor management into one monolithic system – all too often, in reality, you have many poorly connected or even disconnected systems managing each aspect of your business. Efficiencies of scale you should see in your growing business aren't being realized – until you realize the cost benefits of tying the organization's business units together by automating all those workflows and getting rid of those "swivel chairs" in your processes.

The ERP approach is to take those subsystems, assess and analyze their functions and either integrate or replace those systems into a coordinated, operating single entity. Our practice experts have considerable experience in integrating systems for ERP. Let us help you analyze your processes and systems and architect a solution using your existing and/or new products. Then, we can deploy that solution into existing and/or new facilities that will give you a high-performance, secure, and recoverable system to help grow your business to the next level and, most importantly, capture significant ROI from that growth!