Plan. Implement. Control.

If your company needs to streamline existing systems, integrate disparate workflows, create tighter integration between business units, improve your vendor management, and bring your customer relationship management to a new level – we're here to help. At Algoloma, we have practice experts who can help you create, reengineer, and assess your processes and implement the systems you need to be able to monitor and control your company's growth – and realize new efficiencies to increase your bottom line. Our experts can help you in the areas of:

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Product Lifecycle Management

As your company grows, its product portfolio grows. Success of a new product line is largely determined in the development phase. How do you manage the creation of new products, shepherd your existing products through their lifecycle, and determine strategies to extend the lifecycle of those products? All of these questions are critical issues in your business. You need to support your customers through product end-of-life and you need to integrate with your CRM as well as implement more sophisticated capacity management and change management solutions. Your current processes and systems need to be assessed, automated, improved, or perhaps even entirely replaced. All of them willl need to be integrated into the ERP and Financial Systems as well. What tools will you need to monitor and control all these separate systems?

Perhaps you need a collaboration solution that extends to your customers and your vendors as well as your employees. Complex manufacturing may require rigorous design control, bill-of-material generation, change order management, or document version control. Maintenance and service agreements with your customers may require managing and monitoring of service level agreements.

Many companies have PLM solutions to sell. Which are right for your business? Can they interoperate with your existing systems? Will that solution scale adequately for your future growth? Is it robust enough to support your global business? Our practice experts have deep understanding of the system design of many of these solutions at small and large scales, and can help you design and implement the Product Lifecycle Management solutions you need for your growing organization.